Entry: Forgiveness Feb 23, 2006

It was in my November 5, 2004 blog posting that I marked the day that my close friend forgave me by telling me "Bati na Tayo" only a day after we had a misunderstanding.  Relationships even if between the best of friends can really be unpredictable and sensitive.  At one point, you will feel that everything is going on well, then suddenly something goes wrong, and it is no longer as it used to be.

For me, asking for forgiveness takes a lot of effort, sincerity, and humility.  It will not need further discussion and explanation from one side to the other.  But there is a huge difference if you are on the other side. Even if both have their own hurts - are you the one seeking forgiveness or are you the one who is asked to forgive?

My misunderstanding with a close friend on November 4, 2004 is a much different scenario than what I am going through now.  The issues are no longer comparable, and now, I am the one on the other side, the one who is initiating. But if it is a consolation, I know I have done my part to explain my side and I am doing my best to be aware of my own faults.  I cannot undo the things of the past but I will still be hopeful that the feeling of happiness I had on November 5, 2004, can again be possible.


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