Entry: Down with the Virus Oct 20, 2006

Yesterday was not a good day to me.  When I woke up I was burning with fever. The day before that, I even bragged to my maid that I never get sick because I always take vitamins and drink calamansi juice (2 bottles of which I bought way back in May, 2006 at the time that they still allow passengers to handcarry liquids inside airplanes).

I must have gotten the virus from my maid because she complained of itchy throat so I gave her Dequadin lozenges.  But her immune system might have been stronger because it did not turned to something more worse.  She even told me she felt better already after taking the lozenges.

But yesterday, I still had to go to the office.  I used up a lot of tissue because I also had a running nose.  It was only at night that I was able to buy amoxicillin and take paracetamol.  I even bought a cold pack which I placed in the fridge.

I was touched by the action of my maid because yesterday morning when she knew I wasn't feeling good, she offered to cook porridge for me as my dinner, for which I said yes, and when I arrived at home, it was served hot and delicious as I would wanted it to be.

I wasn't able to attend lifenet-a weekly prayer meeting held every Thursday within the same apartment building where I stay because I had a 39 C or 102 F fever.  That night it was so horrible for me because I also had pain in my stomach.

It took 2 paracetamol tablets and the cold pack which I put on my head to get some sleep, before my fever subsided.  It was a good thing that I was able to report to the office today, because our company's Board of Directors had a scheduled meeting.

Although I am not fully recovered until now, I still went to the internet shop tonight to go online, because this is what keeps me civilized in this place which time forgot.  Anyway, I can rest tomorrow, because of the Hindu holiday-Diwali which is a non-working day in Myanmar.


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