Entry: My Beloved Mom's+ Birthday Nov 4, 2006

Today, the 4th of November, 2006, is my mom's birthday-her first birthday after she died on July 20, 2006.  This is the first time I cannot make an overseas call from Myanmar to be able to hear her voice, because I have to accept the fact that I will never ever be able to talk to her again.

The last time I celebrated my mom's birthday with her was in 2001, a week before I left Manila to go to Yangon when I joined UL-Phils.  For the succeeding birthdays-2002 to 2005, I never failed to call her long distance, and each time, I made it a point to invite some friends in Yangon to eat out in a restaurant to celebrate her birthday. 

The last time I talked with her over the phone was on May 14, 2006, when I greeted her on Mother's Day.  I am now just holding on to this special memory by keeping a copy of the telephone bill that was given to me by the company whose GM that time lent his mobile phone for me to be able to make that phone call.  To this very day, I am very thankful for him for being there at the time that I have no other phone available to make an IDD call.  I will forever treasure those 17 minutes and 11 seconds of conversation that started at 6:54:55 Yangon time, or 8:23:05 Manila time.

I am glad in knowing that my brother Danny, my father, and yaya Wawa were able to visit her gravesite last Oct. 30, 2006, and my father and my mom's personal aide,Cristy were able to visit her again on Nov. 1, 2006.  As for me, I just prayed and lighted up candles for her in my bedroom on Nov. 1&2, 2006, infront of her blow-up picture that I placed on my table, the last one that was taken in April 20, 2006 using my mobile phone.  I also know that my Kuya Joey & his family who are based in NJ, always include our mom in their prayers.  While writing this blog entry, my brother Danny, and nephew James informed me that they are on their way to her gravesite to offer flowers and candles.

I thank God for giving me my mom, and may she be blessed with eternal happiness that she truly deserves.


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