Entry: In Loving Memory of my cat Skyflakes & dog Spice Jan 18, 2009

Today-January 18, 2009, my 15-year old cat Skyflakes and almost 12-year old dog Spice died, approximately 4 hours apart.  Spice was diagnosed with liver and kidney problems and a mouth tumor.  Skyflakes simply became weak and had a lower than normal temperature.  Both showed signs of loss of appetite, and difficulty in standing.  Spice died 2 days after seeing the vet, while Skyflakes died only a day after seeing the same vet. Considered both senior citizens,Skyflakes and Spice are considered 75 and 70 in human years respectively.

Skyflakes is fondly remembered for her ticklish reaction when her back is touched that arouses her deformed tail, having the most number of changes in her favorite sleeping places like on top of me, the massage chair, inside carton boxes, under the chair, on the sofa, near the altar, on the piano, beside the telephone, on top of the skycable box, over plastic bags, and many more.  She loves soup and fish.  She often likes to jump on my table when I am eating, just to have a drink of cold water from my mug.  She likes grooming, and sleeps long hours.  She had toilet-training on her own by picking a corner of the living room as her regular pee spot, but when our nanny shouted at her, she transferred to the toilet room to do her thing, up to her last day when she can still walk.  She had a major operation almost 2.5 years ago when her uterus went out of her body during her last birthgiving.  She is the most photogenic among our cats and with special unique poses captured on my camera.

Spice has been the most behaved among all our dogs.  A gift from my high school friend Asela, I buckled her up in my seat belt while I was driving to bring her to our home.  Ever since, she had never urinated in our bed when we were sleeping together during her younger years.  During the years I worked in Myanmar, she became a canine companion to my mother by sleeping on her bed or under her rattan chair.  Her joy was overwhelming and had a face of disbelief when she saw me again after 2 years.  She often peeped out the window during her younger years, checking out who had just arrived or is standing near our gate.  My nanny took care of her like a baby, feeding her with Cerelac during times when she lacks appetite in eating leftovers.

Our whole household is grieving on the loss of these 2 lovable pets, and it's the first time that we lost 2 of our pets on the same day which happens to be the Feastday of Santo Nino. Truly, their long years of service had brought us great joy and love, that we shall remember forever.  We will remain grateful to God that He has given them to us to brighten up our lives.



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