Entry: Farewell to my Dog Madonna Feb 9, 2010

Early this morning we found our dog Madonna dead at the back of the house.  Stiff and with ants all over, we were all surprised by her sudden death.  We did not expect this to happen because she had been eating with much appetitie as usual the day before.  Her last meal was given at around 430pm, a little past her usual time of 4pm, because me and our house companion Cristy just came back from the bank and bought some groceries near the entrance of our village.

Since last year, we noticed some eye cataract on her and on/off skin problems.  We haven't had the chance to bring her to the vet because she was so heavy and it is so hard to put her inside the car.  We gave her some old prescribed ointments for her skin which cured her skin problems but because she likes to sleep or roll on the garden soil often, her skin problem keeps coming back.

Her untimely death came at a time that my Yaya Wawa is currently seeking medical attention.  Many times had we encountered that when someone is sick or on travel, a family pet leaves us behind.  We feel that again, a four-legged friend saved the life of one of us in the house. This is one of the reasons why we had been pet lovers since I can remember.  There is this mutual bond that binds you and your family pet for a lifetime.

We don't know exactly what's the age of Madonna at the time of her death (i.e.she was already an adult dog when we got her sometime in 2003), but we will always remember the fun times we had with her---she was a great watchdog and an intelligent dog who likes to stand with 2 legs and rest her front paws on the veranda grill bars.  Her bestfriend dog-Choo Choo would surely miss her too.


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